“An empty room is a story waiting to happen,
and you are the author.”

An engineer who found himself attuned to the property industry since young, Michael wondered how he could create a lifestyle that suit every individual expectation & needs.

As an investor, generating the sensible gearing for the financial portfolio is very crucial. Michael seeks to add commercial & emotional value to a property that sells and stands out in the market from other competition. These ideas inspired him to provide complete fit-out solutions with intentional design and purpose.


“We shape buildings;
thereafter they shape us”

Keith worked in the construction industry as a civil project engineer for several years before discovering his passion for property development and his desire to build his dream home.

While working in the building industry, Keith realized that properties are almost always sold as empty shells for owners or tenants to move in. This inspired him to explore opportunities to transform the empty properties into fully furnished designer homes and properties.

Together Michael and Keith established MORC in Melbourne, Australia to service
this gap and demand in the property industry, turning ordinary properties into
designer homes.

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